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“Out of this world collard greens in a laid-back setting! …The collard greens absolutely ripped my head off – savory, spicy, with a nice sweet finish. I had to order another dish, and I drank all of the pot liquor. Went back the next day for lunch and had a great tomato soup, fried green tomato BLT, and more collards.”

Neruda – Urban Spoon

The food was outstanding! We tried the Shrimp and Grits, and the Scallops (the daily special). The scallops were some of the best I have ever tried. The shrimp and grits were amazing (the grits are a fried grit cake) …

… It was the kind of food that you slow down to eat because you want to savor every bite. Highly recommended!

Jason – Urban Spoon

Compliments to the owner, chef, managers, and staff for serving what ended up being one of the best birthday dinners I’ve ever had! This is a place we will visit again!

Anne – Urban Spoon

I loved my dinner here! … I will definitely be back. Great food, service and atmosphere!

Mellie – Urban Spoon

I go to Sweet Grass at least once a month… generally 2 or 3 times. Food is consistently fabulous. Recommendations: pork sandwich, shrimp & grits, pork tenderloin dinner, roasted chicken dinner, pimento cheese appetizer (surprised me) and the risotto is incredible!

Anne – Urban Spoon

Outstanding! Met some friends for dinner; wife had the flatiron steak (excellent); myself and another diner had the fish special (very good) and another diner had the baked crab cake special (excellent). Good selection of beer on tap; service was just right and the atmosphere great. Cannot wait to go back.

sycamore83 – Urban Spoon

Great place! They put some thought into menu with a low country Carolina theme on some items. Nice portions, the homemade potato chips are tasty! …
Great beer on draft not the same old same old stuff here! Lots of care went into the beer selections. I’ll be back for draft $3 pints Thursday!

David D. –

Sweet Grass has become my favorite restaurant in Bloomington. The people are always super nice, service is quick and accommodating and the food makes me happy. Simple, fresh ingredients really do make the best meals…

… On to the potato chips. homemade daily, crispy, thin, salty and satisfying. Again, I don’t care for potato chips, but I will NEVER leave a Sweet Grass chip on my plate. They are so good it would seem almost sacrilegious.

Jess S. –

Just an evening out, no special occasion. Had the specials, fillet Mignon and scallops. Both wonderful taste—the fillet was the best I have had at a restaurant anywhere, including Chicago. The sides we tried were grits cake, collard greens, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. The greens were really great, with and very tasty sweet (molasses?), vinegar, garlic and pepper taste; the cheesy crispy grit cakes were a real treat. The other two sides were more classic supporters of steak, which was terrifically glazed. We had the Bordeaux with the meal–perfect. Good service, no rush, We will go back soon.

mjw999 – Trip Advisor

Shrimp and grits? To die for. Ample selection of craft beers. Very good.

PartyonIndy – Trip Advisor