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About Sweet Grass

Sweet Grass Restaurant opened in 2009 with the goal of bringing rich southern-style cuisine to the local Bloomington area. On August21st, 2015, Joyce Yang bought the restaurant in hopes of adding fusions and authentic Chinese dishes to the original Sweet Grass menu.


Joyce dreamed of opening a restaurant since she was young. She learned how to cook from her father and grew a passion for creating dishes with authentic herbs and spices. When Joyce graduated from Indiana University in 2015, her dream became a reality. She quickly transitioned from a graduate to a business owner.


Joyce has a strong passion for American cuisine and did not want to stray away from the original Sweet Grass menu. Originally, Sweet Grass features southern favorites such as Fried Green Tomatoes, Shrimp and Grits, and Low Country Boil. Handmade potato chips and luscious burgers are side by side on the menu with signature Seabrook Salad, Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Filet Mignon. Joyce retained the original menu and added additional menus of fusion and authentic Chinese menu that may not be found elsewhere in the local community. Joyce believes that creating fusion dishes of both American and Chinese cuisines serves as a bridge to link these two cultures together. In turn, this will not only appeal to a wider variety of guests, but also provide a larger array of options to choose from.


Come and Relax with us in our open and airy dining room. Large windows, palm trees and plantation shutters evoke the Carolina shoreline. Our comfortable bar has room to stretch out with friends, enjoy a ball game on our wide screen TV. Our warm and friendly wait staff will move fast to serve your favorite beverage and make you feel at home. Take your time considering the wide range of options on our menu.